SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS Talks on the Steps April 16-19

Pantalone from our SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS lobby display.
Pantalone from our SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS lobby display.

Learn about the history and creativity behind Servant of  Two Masters and the Department of Performing Arts’ production of the classic comedy in the “Talk on the Steps” series of public pre-performance lectures, April 16-19 at McCrary Theatre. Each “Talk on the Steps” offers fascinating insight into the history of the play or the creative process from a distinct point of view. Speakers will include:

April 16 @7pm: Student and Assistant Mask Maker Jessica Edwards will discuss how a Study Abroad trip to Italy inspired her design and creation of masks for the actors

April 17 @7pm: Dr. Scott Proudfit of Elon’s English Department will speak about the traditional comedy form known as Commedia dell’Arte which created the famous stock characters seen in the play

April 18 @7pm: Costume Designer Jack Smith will explain how his research into historical fabrics inspired his beautiful and comedic designs for the production

April 19 @ 1:30pm: Student and Props Master Shay Hopkins-Paine will describe the challenges of creating beautiful and durable food, dishes, and luggage for the characters to carry, drop, and sit on in their manic zaniness

Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, freely adapted and directed by Kevin Otos, follows the clever servant Truffaldino as he schemes to double his salary by serving two masters at once. Little does he know that those masters are not who they say they are . . . disguise, confusion, and silliness follow in this witty and wonderful tale of love and laughter.

Talks take place at in the McCrary Theatre lobby in the Center for the Arts. Talks are free and open to the public, and last ten minutes.

See our ENet! article about Servant of Two Masters Talks on the Step:


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