HARPER REGAN Talks on the Steps

Faculty and students from the Department of Performing Arts will participate in the “Talks on the Steps” series of public lectures and demonstrations before performances of Harper Regan, a dark and gritty contemporary drama that asks what happens if you walk away from your everyday responsibilities and instead live by instinct and emotion. Will you find truth? Each “Talk on the Steps” offers insight into the themes of the play or the creative process from a distinct point of view. Speakers will include:

10/2 at 7:00pm: Theatre Studies and Music double major Meagan Schrock will explore research from her dramaturgical website that dives into Harper’s world of contemporary British culture

10/3 at 7:00pm: Assistant Professor of Theatre History Susanne Shawyer will discuss playwright Simon Stephens and how his themes resonate with American audiences

10/5 at 7:00pm: Student dramaturgs Craven Poole and Kira del Toro Rubeshaw will present their contextual research about Harper’s interests and musical tastes

10/6 at 7:00pm: Professor of Acting and dialect coach Kirby Wahl will demonstrate how the actors learned the distinct Mancunian dialect used by characters from the Greater Manchester region of England

Talks take place in the lobby of the Roberts Studio Theatre at Scott Studios. Talks are free and open to the public, and last ten minutes.

Harper Regan by English playwright Simon Stephens is directed by Kevin Otos. Performances take place in the Roberts Studio Theatre at Scott Studios at 7:30pm, October 1-7. The play contains mature language and subject matter.

See our ENet article here: http://www.elon.edu/e-net/Article/121228


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