CLYBOURNE PARK Talk on the Steps by Brooke Barnett

Brooke Barnett
Dr. Brooke Barnett discusses the legacy of institutional racism in her Talk on the Steps for CLYBOURNE PARK, 17 April 2016. Photo by Devin Kiernan.

Dr. Brooke Barnett, who is Professor of Communications and Associate Provost for Inclusive Community, discusses the legacy of racism in the United States in her Talk on the Steps for Clybourne Park, 17 April 2016. She used current statistics to demonstrate the results of past discrimination in the education and criminal justice systems, and also noted that the majority of Americans don’t believe that racial discrimination still exists today. She finished her talk by broadening the idea of discrimination beyond race to other categories like gender and ability, and noted how the Elon community is addressing issues of equality on campus.

Brooke Barnett NAACP
The Alamance NAACCP Branch 5368 ready to register voters at CLYBOURNE PARK performances April 14-17, 2016, at Elon University’s McCrary Theatre. Photo by Devin Kiernan.

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