THE MEMORANDUM Talk on the Steps by Scott Proudfit

Dr. Scott Proudfit explains the concept of “the absurd” in this Talk on the Steps for THE MEMORANDUM, 7 October 2016.

Dr. Scott Proudfit, who teaches dramatic literature in Elon’s English Department, discusses how the Theatre of the Absurd style relates to Vaclav Havel’s play in his Talk on the Steps for The Memorandum, 7 October 2016 at the Roberts Studio Theatre. Dr. Proudfit walked the audience through Albert Camus’s influential essay “The Myth of Sisyphus,” explaining the connections between Existentialist thought and Martin Esslin’s theory of Theatre of the Absurd. Havel’s play serves as a terrific example of Absurdism, he argued, because its central character searches for meaning in a world that is essentially irrational and alienating, and because this character actually compares himself to Sisyphus, the Greek hero whose experience exemplifies the absurdity of life.


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